Hello I’m Martin and new at Derby City Mission. One of my roles is to turn the dreams of Julio, our CEO, into reality. Well, not just his dreams, but those of all DCM staff and other Christians who have a passion to see hurting people helped in deeper ways. 

One of my favourite hobbies is climbing mountains and I think what we are doing at Derby City Mission is climbing, moving up, taking a leap of faith, listening to God and acting on our great commission as Christians to 'go make disciples of every people group'.

We help people in many significant ways already but we want to spend more quality time with them so that they change and escape the cycle of addiction, homelessness and despair and understand the benefits of starting a relationship with Jesus.

That’s why we need to make a jump, a leap if you like, in the services we offer.

Now’s the time, today’s the day

We’re seizing the opportunity now we have real favour with the authorities of Derby. Our current building has served its purpose and with new staff joining us over the last year it’s just too small. Talk about hot desking! Not really ideal. For years we’ve longed to help people during the day when Nightshelter is running and during the rest of the year. To have a base for mentoring and for training staff and volunteers. Not possible with what we’ve got. And we want to teach people how to cook and eat healthily, to learn interesting and useful skills, to learn hobbies.

We’ve found a building in a great place which is perfect for what we want to do.

But we need £550,000! Wow! Really exciting!

With man it’s impossible but with God everything is possible.

Can you help with a donation? Maybe even run a sponsored event? Every little helps.

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