2020 promises to be a key time in the growth of our organisation, as we move into our new premises at 10 Normanton Road, and we wait with anticipation to see all that God will do during the coming year. With this in mind we would like to invite you to our Week of Prayer starting on Tuesday next week.

Every day from Tuesday 7th January through to Friday 10th January between 9.30 a.m. and 12 noon we will be meeting at 10, Normanton Road to offer prayers and worship to our Lord and Saviour.  Come once, or come to them all.  The invite is open to anyone, so feel free to invite colleagues, invite other church members or any volunteers that you know.

The theme for each session is loosely as follows:

  • 7th Jan: Eradication of Extreme Poverty                                              
  • 8th Jan: Supporting people from Chaos to Contributing                           
  • 9th Jan: Looking for sustainability                                                                                
  • 10th Jan: Our Mission Statement “That we exist to make disciples….”

We really hope that you are able to join us as we prepare to be led by God into 2020. 


Booking for this event has now closed.