This festive season, we were privileged to witness an incredible act of unity and generosity that captured the essence of community at Christmas.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the volunteers who supported our Safe Space team members to make Christmas Day an unforgettable event for our guests.

What started as a heartfelt plea for food donations resulted in an overwhelming response from the local community. Families, individuals, and neighbours came together, contributing not only food but also their time and passion for making a difference.

On Christmas Eve, the kitchen buzzed with activity as our team, dressed festively (Mrs. Claus even made an appearance!), worked tirelessly to prepare and plate 35 sumptuous meals. The generosity overflowed, leaving enough for seconds and even 12 meals for Boxing Day!

The community's dedication to minimising waste was inspiring—nearly everything was savoured, with only a few roasties and a solitary pig in a blanket remaining untouched. We're grateful for your conscientious efforts to ensure that every resource was valued.

Beyond the delicious meals, something more profound emerged—conversations about homelessness and the impact of Derby City Mission's work were sparked by people who had otherwise no need to consider those experiencing such challenges.

To all who contributed, whether it be by volunteering time, food or financial donations, thank you; it ignited meaningful discussions and raised awareness about the challenges our guests face.

Your support, compassion, and community spirit have deeply touched us. Through your efforts, you've not only brought joy to many on Christmas Day but also illuminated the path to creating a brighter future for those in need.

Your commitment to our cause speaks volumes. As we reflect on this heartwarming gesture, we invite others to be part of our mission. Join us and contribute to transforming lives in our community. Your support—whether through donations, volunteering, or spreading awareness—makes a significant impact.

Let's Keep Spreading Hope!

Interested in volunteering or learning more about our initiatives? Submit your details here and our team will be in touch. Together, let's continue spreading joy and making a positive difference in our community!