Announcing Two Exciting New Projects - My Place and ByMySide

Derby City Mission announces two exciting new projects aimed at supporting ex-offenders and people struggling with addiction. Introducing My Place and ByMySide. - Keep reading to find out more about the projects and how they'll achieve success. 

My Place - A New Project Supporting Ex-offenders

On leaving prison many of our guests find it difficult to secure housing as landlords are unwilling to give them a chance. Even if they do, often their addictions and lack of budgeting skills mean they fail in their tenancy and go back into the cycle of homelessness and offending behaviour.

Derby Homes is working with landlords who are willing to accommodate ex-offenders and Derby City Mission’s My Place staff offer support to assist them to sustain their tenancy. We aim to engage our clients in activities that will reduce their offending behaviour and allow them to continue in their tenancies after the project has ended. Ultimately, we also aim to build relationships with them and help them rebuild their lives.

Each Day Is Different

For those working on this project, each day is always different. From taking a guest out for coffee & cake to build relationships, to taking them to official appointments at the Job Centre or Probation. On other days they may meet them in the office to complete forms and make calls regarding benefits or medication from the GP. They also closely liaise with the landlord that they meet with on a monthly basis to discuss any issues, challenges and ways in which together, the tenant and landlord can make the place a comfortable home to live in.

As the project gets off the ground, the team have been really encouraged by the supportive response they’ve received from other agencies in the city. Teams who are also wanting the best outcome for our guests, bringing true meaning to the phrase, Transforming Lives Together!

Already There Have Been Positive Results!

One guest has completed a training course to enable them to look for employment; one guest has registered with the GP to address mental health issues; one guest has joined the gym and attends regularly and another has set up a new bank account to allow their rent to be paid directly to the landlord. These may seem small steps but to guests that are living in chaos they are huge achievements

A New Relational Approach To Addiction Support - Derby City Mission Launches New ByMySide Project

Derby City Mission is excited to be partnering on a new project with Public Health, to journey with individuals who have addiction issues. The aim of the new project is to support them, get to know them and begin to understand why they have got to this point. Then ultimately, help them make better decisions in life.

Catesha Scarlett has recently been appointed to coordinate this project alongside a team of full and part-time staff. Together, through relational first activities, they’ll be walking alongside those that have previously struggled with existing addiction support systems.

This is a really exciting project that’s just starting out so, look out on our website and social media for more news in the future.