The Big Asda Sleepout 2018 - Debbie Jones

Deborah Jones

I'm sleeping out so that others can sleep in. I’m taking part in this years event to support the nightshelter and the great work that they do

Karim’s sponsored sleepout

Karim Moussalek

I do what I can to support the homeless back in my hometown and would really appreciate the opportunity to raise money for the community.. especially with winter coming

Laura sleeps out

Laura Price

I'm raising money by sleeping out so that others don't have to this winter.

Priya Sleeps Out For The Homeless

Priya Shah

Hello :)
I am fundraising for Derby City Missions Sleep Out For The Homeless. Everyone in the UK is born in to a home, no one wants to end up homeless. Homelessness can happen to anyone, if there is one necessity people need in life is a roof over their head. Help me fund raise for Derby City Mission so they can reach out to more homeless people!

Jayne Kirkland Sleeping out for the homeless

Jayne Kirkland

As a volunteer at Derby Churches Nightshelter I wanted to do this event & raise money for Derby City Mission

Phoebe Sleeps Out for the Homeless

Phoebe Beal

Last year my mum took me to ASDA where people were sleeping out for the homeless. This year I made her PROMISE me that I could sleep out too so I can give money to the homeless.

Laura Pullen raising money for the homeless

Laura Pullen

To help make a difference in our society.

RootID sleeping rough for Derby Nightshelter

RootID Youth Group

Sleeping rough to support and raise money for Derby churches Nightshelter.

Jed’s Sleep out for the homeless

Unverified User

I love what my Dad does Phil Morton