We are a charity that provides free support and advice to individuals and families that are in debt crisis. At some point in our life, we will all experience debt. For those we support, the implication of this debt can lead to feelings of no hope, no future and no way out.

In 2020, our clients financially benefitted from the work we completed on their behalf by over £1 million. That's £1 million of debt cleared, but the outcome is far more valuable. 

It gives our clients and their families, a hope for their future. In some cases, our support, to navigate clients through bankruptcy, has prevented mental and family breakdowns and even suicide.

Bankruptcy is becoming a reality for more of our clients, especially in these challenging times of the Pandemic. We have usually been able to support these individuals to financially cover the administration cost, however, we are now becoming overwhelmed with the volume of cases where bankruptcy is a solution.

For each case that requires bankruptcy, we need £500. That money is used to set them free and provide stability to move towards building a manageable financial situation. Part of our debt advice and support works with individuals to build skills, knowledge and good financial health, setting them on a path to a stable future.

The result of the pandemic on individual's financial stability has been overwhelmingly negative, with many facing unemployment, no income for everyday essentials and resulting in homelessness. This could happen to any of us.

Your contribution, no matter how small, will create an opportunity for someone else that can really change their life forever. 

Help us to help others be set free from debt.

If the funds raised through this appeal exceed what is needed to meet this need, excess funds will be used where there is greatest need within Derby City Mission.