Currently over 14 million people live in poverty in the UK, 4 million of those are children.  Can you imagine getting to an exciting time in the year and wondering how on earth you can afford to treat your children at Christmas?

Unfortunately this is the reality for many families and since 1996, we have been reaching out to underprivileged families working in partnership with a number of churches in Derby through donations of new toys for boys and girls between the ages of 0-17.


In 2018 over 300 children received a bag of Christmas presents kindly donated by local churches, schools and businesses.

Last year, we reached out to a smaller number of families, but families we already knew and were linked into our local partner churches or were clients of our Jubilee Debt & Advice services.  In essence, families whom we can continue to build and strengthen relationships with during 2019.

Here are some families helped this year...

Family 1:  Single mum of 4 who has fled an abusive relationship. 

She is facing debt and was dreading Christmas due to the pressure she feels to keep up with the children’s peers.  When I took the presents her money has been delayed and she was nervous that she wouldn’t have anything for the children, so she was delighted to receive your gifts.  Thank you.

Family 2: Single mum of 3 who is seeking asylum having fled an awful life in another country.

She is not entitled to benefits and is managing on very little.  The children have little in the way of toys and clothes.  She was so grateful for the gifts and when she saw what you had given her response was “this is what he is asking for”! 

Family 3: Young mum of 2 who is still living in a violent relationship. 

She has been rejected by her own family and culture.  She has never celebrated Christmas before and so we have been showing her how to!  She was delighted with the gifts and was amazed by how many there were.  She doesn’t think she can wait until Christmas to give them – she is too excited!


From autumn, we start collecting toy donations to be sorted into age groups from mid November and distributed to families by early December onwards.  Here are the ways you can be involved:

1. Buy new toys for children to donate.  All presents welcome for 0-17 year olds.  Please bring them to our offices.  Call us on 01332 460346 in advance so we can make sure that there is someone there to greet you.  Donations gratefully received before the last week in December

2. No time to buy?  We can buy them for you.  Donate now and tag your donation 'Christmas Connection'

3. Part of a school/church?  Why not arrange a 'Toy Harvest' assembly or service and gather new toys

4.  Want to help sort through donations? Be a Volunteer between November - mid December and help bag donation

Email [email protected] for more information about collections for donated gifts

Click here to see a list of suitable presents per age group.


Together, let's make a difference.