safe overnight Accommodation

What are we doing?

Why is this project needed?

Working together, 7 church venues in or near the city centre, will each open one night per week in rotation through December  2017 - March 2018.  Please see the venues below.

Volunteers give a warm welcome and a substantial meal for up to 35 guests.  At 10pm, paid overnight staff take over as the guests go to sleep in sleeping bags on matresses on the church floor.  Next morning there’ll be a breakfast as guests leave by 8am.

In April 2013, Derby City Council began a cut of 85% to homeless beds funding over 2 years.  Several hostels have closed.  These cuts are still ongoing.

What will it cost?

We need £100,000 this winter:

£2 for a hot meal and breakfast

£17.20 for one person for a night, including 2 meals

£25 for a set of bedding

£70 for all the meals for a night

£600 for all the costs of one nights operation

£10,250 for a month’s overnight staff costs

Derby Churches Nightshelter Venues 2017/2018


Derby Cathedral

Iron Gate , DE1 3GP


Hope Centre

Curzon Street, DE1 1LL



Peartree Baptist

Peartree Road, DE23 6QD


Ashbourne Road Church

Ashbourne Road, DE22 3AG


New Life Christian Centre

Normanton Road, DE23 6UU


Ozzy Road Baptist

Charnwood Street, DE1 2GU


St Marys Church

Darley Lane, DE1 3AX

Derby Churches Nightshelter
Derby Churches Nightshelter