Can you live off £1 per day?

Richard Cannon and his son are attempting a week of Food Poverty to raise awareness about those currently living in crisis and who are unable to afford to feed themselves and their families.

Richard and his son will be living off one £1 worth of food per person, per day, for a full week.

This is a challenging time for us all, and across the country, food banks are working hard to maintain the provision of emergency food to those in crisis.

At Derby City Mission's food bank and community shop, there has been a huge increase in demand for food and financial support. We know that you, our members will share our belief that those who have the least resources must not be forgotten at this time.

Many families across the county may be forced to rely on food banks for the first time this year, with businesses either closing down or laying off staff.

If you can, even if it's just the cost of a pie and a pint or even a match ticket, please donate and help us put a meal on a family's table tonight.

Richard Cannon