Harleigh Allan

6th ASDA sponsored Sleep Out - Friday 19th October 2018 7pm-7am at ASDA Spondon

We are experiencing what it's like to sleep outside exposed to the elements and raise money so that homeless people in our city this winter don't have to.

It costs £103,000 to run the Nightshelter for 4 months to provide warm, safe accommodation for 121 nights.

This organization relies soley on donations so the ASDA Sleepout is a much needed part of thefundraising plans each year. They would love to see more people take part and more money raised, as unfortunately the situation for many people, especially the homeless community, gets worse not better.

We are wanting to give back to those who are not as fortunate as us to have a roof over our heads, warm beds, electric blankets, even the basics of a blanket/pillows/warm clothing.. In this economy no one should be suffering like this, so if we can help by sticking out a couple of hours on the streets, then that's what we are doing!

I myself am terrible with the cold, even air con is too much. or open window in an office.. but nothing compares to what those on the streets have to go through every day, so hopefully the money we raise can help in any way!

Thank you, Harleigh & Senora

Harleigh Allan