Talking to you has been the best 15 minutes of our night out!

Street Pastors are trained volunteers from local churches who are passionate about Jesus and our community. We put our faith into action by demonstrating Christ’s love in a practical way on the streets of Derby on a Friday and Saturday night.  In the midst of a busy night out, Street Pastors have many wonderful encounters with people and feel God is definitely at work.

When you’re around, the atmosphere is different, you can feel it

Why are we needed?

There have been several violent incidents in the last couple of months that Street Pastors have dealt with.  The team provides a visible and reassuring presence for everyone on the streets by listening, caring and helping.  Please continue to pray as we expand, and visit the website to find out more about this invaluable ministry.

I just want to say how amazing you are. Your group stayed with my daughter and her friend and kept them warm and safe until I got there. Thank you so much for the kindness and help you gave. You are honestly the best group of people I have ever met