Please pray and give thanks:


  • That we can find a solution for all the guests as we come to the end of the Nightshelter
  • For sustained health and enthusiasm for the volunteers and staff to the end of March
  • For all the volunteers including those who help at the warehouse
  • For the relationships we have built up with other agencies helping us find a solution for guests

Street Pastors

  • For our faithful prayer supporters for your partnership in the gospel (Philippians 1:3-6)
  • That our recently introduced Street Pastor prayer module will inspire us personally and as a team
  • For good health and strength for our team so that we can keep the shifts fully covered
  • For safety for all in the city centre as demolition work gets underway, scaffolding is in place, building begins
  • That Derby is a safe city - please pray that it will remain so.  Ask that God will thwart the plans of anyone intending to cause harm
  • For all those working in partnership to keep our city safe, police, taxi marshals, Licensing Officers, door staff, ambulance crews and CCTV
  • For all that He has provided for and accomplished through Street Pastors since we began and as we look to launch School Pastors this year, may we trust God for all we need

Central Services

  • That everything goes smoothly and to schedule with the Safe Space building work currently taking place at 10 Normanton Road
  • For the practicalities of moving staff, Safe Space and adjusting work practices accordingly.

Safe Space

  • For guests to come to faith and fight addiction
  • For recruitment of the right staff for Safe Space
  • For recruitment of the mental health nurse
  • For good outcomes for our guests
  • For continued good working relationships with DCM and external agencies
  • For a peaceful environment at 10 Normanton Road where guests feel welcome


  • For those waking up each morning in the invisible prison of debt - pray that God draws close to them and that they seek help
  • For the provision of more resources to respond to the needs we are seeing, as the number of people who come to us with financial difficulties continues to increase
  • For our wonderful team of volunteers who are so welcoming and supportive in our clinics
  • For those we have helped out of poverty, that they are now able to stay out of poverty


  • For the delivery of our Experience Easter programme in schools, that the message comes across clearly and that the children and staff respond to the Gospel.
  • For a few more volunteers to help deliver the schools programme each week.