Prayer Pointers | winter 2017

Please join us in praying for our projects


  • Give thanks for the work Phil Morton is doing and for the emergence of 2 nightshelters and a 35 bed hostel in the Derbyshire area
  • Key relationships to be established and volunteers to come forward for the mentoring programme.
  • Jubilee clients who come for advice, that they come ready to really address their financial problems and engage with advisors and volunteers
  • Give thanks for the volunteers and agencies returning to Nightshelter Guest Support this year and bless them as they work with guests
  • The smooth operation of the Nightshelter and for sufficient funds, for God’s grace and covering over every guest and volunteer


  • More opportunities for Tim Pawson to lead assemblies and take RE classes
  • Experience Christmas (11th -15th December) an event which tells the real meaning of the Christmas story to children from local schools
  • Pray for all children and volunteers


  • New and existing Street Pastors as they look out for, talk with and care for people who have set out for a night out but find themselves in a vulnerable or difficult situation
  • Give thanks for the success of the opening night of YADA at the Art House on 1st December and pray for support either through the giving of time, skills or financial resources