A further initiative of Ascension Trust

School Pastors is a further initiative of The Ascension Trust (AT) specifically aimed at secondary education.  AT is best known for the Street Pastors movement, which have been operating in Derby, under the governance of Derby City Mission since 2009.  School & College Pastors are expanding nationally and currently operating in 34 different locations around the UK.

What does a School Pastor do?

Reassurance – School Pastors provide a reassuring adult presence at times in  the school day when children may feel vulnerable.  An adult who has the time to listen to what is worrying them and maybe to help.

Safety – looking to support the school in reducing instances of anti-social behaviour

Support – available to support the school community at the direction of the school.  School Pastors provide uniformed teams in groups of 2 or 3 for an hour or so in locations requested by the school. This could be by the school gates or in places where young people congregate.

School Pastors teams may also be involved in mentoring schemes, leading assemblies and running reading clubs.

There are many opportunities, and other School Pastors initiatives are finding that once a relationship with a school is established, schools often say to them, ‘We like you … what else can you do for us?’

Can I get involved in Derby?

At this point in time we cannot define the exact nature of the role, or the operating times, as that will be dependent on the support that the school would like us to provide.  However, for more information on the various roles that a School or College Pastor could be involved in can be found on the national School Pastor website.

In order to establish School and College Pastors in Derby we need to first identify enough volunteers to operate the scheme. 

If the role sounds interesting and exciting to you...

Please register your interest here

Next Steps

Once we have a sufficient number of volunteers to make the scheme viable we will approach a small number of schools in the Derby area to introduce School Pastors.  There is already one that has previously shown interest.  After that we can formally establish the initiative here in Derby and arrange its official launch and volunteer training with the Ascension Trust.

The requirements to become a School Pastor are the same as for a Street Pastor, namely:

  • I am a Christian and have been attending a local church regularly for at least 12 months
  • My church leader endorses my application
  • I am over 18 years old at time of application
  • I will commit to attend all training sessions
  • I consent to undergo a DBS check