• For God’s provision of financial and volunteer resources during this difficult time.
  • For wisdom as we talk with local authorities and other agencies about what homeless emergency provision will look like this winter.


  • Pray for inspiration as we write and send assemblies to schools, for them to put on their websites.
  • Pray that children and parents will watch them and draw closer to God. 


  • Give thanks for all the food donations provided for so many people in this most difficult of times and for the great volunteers that have helped pack and deliver that food.
  • For the many people who are in financial difficulties that they will seek the help they need.
  • For those who are using this time to reflect, that they may have the courage to take the steps needed to look ahead with renewed expectation.
  • As we begin plans to launch our new employability programme, that God will bless our preparations and that it will be impactful to our city.

Safe Space

  • Give thanks for those who have made such progress in tackling addictions and breaking the cycle of homelessness during this lockdown period. Continue to pray for them.
  • That suitable housing and employment opportunities will be found for those moving on from the hotel.
  • For the Holy Spirit to continue to be at work in the lives of our guests as Safe Space moves back to new facilities at 10 Normanton Road.