who are street pastors?

Street Pastors are volunteers from the churches in Derby who go out to share the love of Jesus on the streets of Derby on a Friday and Saturday night.  We look out for, listen to, talk with and care for people who have set out for a good night out but find themselves in a place of vulnerability.  It is our aim that we will leave you in a better situation than when we first met you. 

How do we do this?

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talking about life's issues

We love to meet and talk with people when we are out on the streets.  Our team are always willing to listen to the issues you may be facing in your life, or help you explore your questions of faith.

Below are some stories of encounters the team have had on the streets.

If you have questions about the Christian faith we would love to talk with you some more.  Please get in touch via the link.


helping when your drunk

If you are drunk we will always try and find a way to get you into a better position than when we found you.  This may be via:

  • Stay with you while you sober up to get a taxi
  • Reunite you with friends
  • Call someone to come and collect you
  • Calling an ambulance

If are experiencing problems with alcohol and other life issues there are many places where you can go and get help.

Providing first aid support

All of our Street Pastors are First Aid trained.  We  deal with a variety of incidents. This may cover:

  • Cuts and injuries
  • Panic attacks
  • Asthmatic problems
  • Drug & alcohol related problems
  • Calling a paramedic

In addition we seek to prevent incidents from occurring by:

  • Providing spikeys
  • Providing flip flops
  • Picking up bottles and broken glass

Street Pastor History

Street Pastors are a national organisation that started in Brixton in 2003 in response to inner city gun crime.  Since then it has grown so that there are now over 300 Street Pastor Initiatives across the UK the majority of which serve the people of the Night Time Economy in their city or town.

Street Pastors in Derby started in February 2009 and since that date we have provided a continuous presence on the streets of Derby on a Friday and Saturday night.  Over the intervening period we have trained over 150 Street Pastors and we currently have 48 volunteers who make up our current team.

Working in Partnership

Derby Street Pastors cannot operate in isolation and we really value the support we get from the many partners who work together to ensure that you have the most enjoyable and safe night out in Derby as possible;  Our key partners are: 

  • Derby Pubwatch
  • Venue Management & Door Staff
  • Central United Reform Church
  • Derby City Council
  • Derbyshire Police
  • CCTV Operations
  • Taxi Marshalls

Street Pastor Organisation

Derby Street Pastors is operated as a project within Derby City Mission who provide all the support services and governance processes that enable Street Pastors to operate.  The project is coordinated by Richard Wormsley and is supported by an Administrator and an Operational Management Team.

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Becoming a Street Pastor

The recruitment of new Street Pastors is done in the first half of each year with the following application, selection and training programme:

  • January - Publicise recruitment open
  • February - Taster Evenings
  • March - Interviews and Observer shifts
  • April - Application Decision
  • May/June - Training Programme
  • July/August - Supervised shifts
  • September - Commissioning

If you would like to know more about the application criteria and to submit an application then please follow the link below.