Dry holistic bar

There is a social revolution and it's transforming the night time economy

Let me set the scene: Your son/daughter is a ‘millennial’, meaning they are currently in young adult-hood in the 21st century. They like socialising, but don’t see the appeal of going out clubbing and drinking at weekends. But, they want to do something, go somewhere. They want to be in a relaxed, lively environment where they can be free to socialise, free from judgement and not feel pressurised to keep up with binge pint or shot drinking. Let me introduce our newest concept - YADA - a dry evangelistic bar in Derby: where young adults can let their hair down, have fun and, if they choose to, get to know more about Jesus.

At the end of May, key church partners and supporters met at Derby’s Museum & Art Gallery for the Concept Launch of Yada. With food, mocktails and mood boards setting the scene, the evening belonged to a handful of young millennials pitching their concept. The audience watched in rapt attention as former student Cullen opened the evening with a powerful poem. The pilot project will open on 01-Dec-2017 and will operate monthly for a year, we hope to launch the programme early part of 2019.

“So here’s to the opening of YADA, a place where you can enjoy the company of other people and not people enjoying alcohol in the company of others”

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