Don’t fancy downing a shot to impress your mates but fancy chilling and letting your hair down?  YADA is for you.

I’m loving the YADA vibe, it’s something that’s really been needed in this city

YADA is a fresh expression of Derby nightlife, creating an alcohol free environment, community and experience for all.

Our dry bar focusses on having fun and forming friendships.  We offer a great night out in a relaxed and alcohol-free environment.  With rooms offering live music from local musicians to DJ’s mixing some of the latest tunes, there’s a genre to meet everyone’s taste.


Chill, chat, drink and dance!

Our creative mocktails are affordable and we have late night snacks on offer too!  All money raised through food and drink purchases goes to the work of our parent organisation Derby City Mission.

YADA, a Hebrew word ‘to know’, signifies relationships, sharing love, showing mercy and acting justly. We believe this fresh addition to Derby’s nightlife will be a welcome change, where people can build authentic connections with each other.


Friends. Fun. Good Times. It’s a YADA thing

Yada is back and looking a little different, our next two events are going to be run from the cosy and casual coffee shop called Bear -  we want to focus on building community and listening to what you want to see in the future.

Come and try some of Bear’s incredible soft drinks and find out what special mocktails they are creating for us.

Have you tried a night out without drinking? Join our journey as we build something new.

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Want to find out more about joining our YADA journey?

GET IN TOUCH WITH ME: I'm Katie - your dedicated YADA co-ordinator in the know!  This is me with my new husband Rhondell.  I am looking for people to join the team too so if you want to mix drinks or mingle, want to play music, mix tunes or wow us with spoken word - I'd like to hear from you!

Join in with praying for us too, that through building healthy relationships in a genuine environment, people will be encouraged to seek the face of Jesus.

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"It’s about His people"