a fresh expression of Derby nightlife

creating an alcohol free environment, community and experience for all

Yada is a sober social, we offer an inclusive environment for those who are sober, those who cutting down and those who just feel like a night off alcohol every once in a while. Just because you’re not drinking doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun!

We care about real human interaction, we would love to get to know the real you!


A little bit about what a Yada night looks like!

We are all about connection – culture – conversation

You don’t need to book a ticket. Just turn up! There is no entry fee to pay but you will need to pay for any drinks and food you order over the evening! We meet at a cosy venue called BEAR who are a quirky cross between coffee shop and bar. Bear have created some wonderful mocktails for us and have a huge range of other soft and hot drinks, and serve fantastic food until 9pm if you’re peckish!

We have booked out a load of tables at the back of BEAR so nothing fancy, it’s just us chatting, making friends, and drinking good drinks.

Just to let you know Bear will still be serving alcohol to other customers.

If you are thinking about coming on your own but you’re a bit nervous please let us know! We would love to chat to you or even meet you beforehand! Contact us here

How did YADA get going?

  • Yada began as an idea back in the summer of 2016 with some excitable – just graduated, Derby Uni students who realised Derby was now their home. 
  • They decided it was their turn to create what they wanted to see in the city, and after a year of dreaming and planning under the support of Derby City Missions’ CEO Julio Abraham we were ready to run our concept night in May 2017.
  • This first event let us showcase our ideas to businesses, politicians, church leaders and young adults in the city.


  • 8 months later we started our pilot phase, running monthly events from the Art House. These were ran as club nights, so we had a local DJ’s, a busy dance floor, our own bar selling incredible mocktails, punches and milkshakes which our awesome bar staff had created from scratch.


  • We then had another room with a more chilled out vibe with comfy sofas and on occasion live music and spoken word.


  • In September 2018 Yada took a slightly different direction and made its home at BEAR for much more chilled out sober socials and that is where you can find us now.


Next YADA Event?

See our Events Page

We tend to run fortnightly from 8-11pm.

What’s next for Yada? We don’t know!

Join our journey as we build something new!

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