Linzi Doleman

"This year wasn’t the greatest for us, we sadly lost my Aunty earlier this year (far too soon) which was devastating and then postponing our wedding and being made redundant, it felt like this year was truly rubbish however looking around at what we have and what we are able to give to our boys we are truly lucky.

I am part of a Facebook page to donate items to families that truly need it but I didn’t want to stop there, after reading so many stories of families in need. This time of year is where naturally we self reflect and put some things in to perspective there are hundreds maybe even thousands of local people who are struggling to feed their families due to the pandemic and falling on hard times (maybe they have been furloughed or even lost their jobs).

I guess I wanted to just do something to help and I thought of this."

Currently, Derby City Mission are providing food parcels for over 40 families per week, a dramatic increase on previous years.

If you'd like to donate to Linzi's appeal to support the Derby City Mission Food Bank, please use the links on this page. 

If the funds raised through this appeal exceed what is needed to meet this need, excess funds will be used where there is greatest need within Derby City Mission.

Linzi Doleman