All of our 4 clinics are now open again at the locations listed below

When coming to a clinic can you please wear a face mask to protect yourself and others.

Unfortunately in the current climate we are unable to offer a cafe service at any of our clinics.


Getting help with my debt was only one part of the help I received.  To be able to talk to someone when I couldn’t even admit to my family that I was struggling, gave me so much confidence.  I felt so much better after a coffee and chat at clinic

Free Advice and Support

The Jubilee Programme offers FREE debt advice at walk-in, no appointment clinics in locations within the city. Food parcels are also available to those in particular financial need.

Sarah and Ruth help with prioritising debts and negotiating affordable repayments as well as checking income levels and maximising benefits. Along with a team of caring and compassionate volunteers with a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on, Sarah, Ruth and the team offer ongoing support until you feel like you’re back on your feet again.

All clinics are held in our partner churches coffee mornings so the atmosphere is informal and friendly, there is a real sense of community.  We will look after you.

Meet Project Manager & Advisor Sarah Meet Advisor Ruth

I finally have a council house!  It wouldn't have been possible without your help I have been slowly been buying things I need for the house and plan on setting up my bills asap so not to get in any debt. I can’t wait for a fresh start for myself and kids.  You have truly changed my life for the better.

- Jayne, single mother of 2 small children

Debt & Advice Clinic Locations

There are 3 weekly walk-in clinics, and one fortnightly clinic, with no appointment necessary so there is no referral process, just turn up and let one of our friendly volunteers put your name down on the list and make you a cup of tea.  At some clinics you’ll be offered a breakfast or a big slab of homemade cake.

TUESDAY - 1015am-1215pm - St Peter's Church, DE1 1NN


WEDNESDAY - 10am-12pm - St. Augustine's Church, Normanton, DE23 8BP

THURSDAYS - 0930am-1130am - Allenton Osmaston Sure Start Centre, 60 Cockayne St N, Allenton, DE24 8XB

Please note that this clinic opens alternate Thursdays so open on 12th September, 26 Sept and so on...

THURSDAYS - 12pm-1.30pm - Davenport Road Evangelical Church, Osmaston, DE24 8AX


The Jubilee project has helped me so much and has sorted out my debts. I couldn’t have done it on my own. I really feel like all that they have done and all the support I have had has kick started my life and put it back on the right path.

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