On Tuesday...

I took one of our long-standing guests of Night Shelter to Teen Challenge, a Christian rehab centre where he is on a journey of deliverance from heroin addiction.  It’s a great privilege to watch that someone’s life has, yet again,  been transformed by Jesus. It is great to see this man finding God in his life and to come forward for baptism in July.

On Wednesday...

At Recovery Lunch, a guest who had come from York needed to transfer his methadone script. I was able to speak to his drug worker in York and he has had his prescription transferred to Derby.  Such immediate, God-given results.

On Thursday...

Today I took another man to another Christian rehab in Loughborough. Ian has a used the Nightshelter but most recently found himself on the streets again and we took him directly from living on the streets in the last couple nights, straight to rehab. 

Another one of our guests who used Nightshelter was entrenched in homelessness for many years found himself to have £7000 of debt and housing arrears. Today, after digging with the Council and Housing Options, we found out that this debt can not be held against him so currently he is now only £42 in arrears instead of £7000 - what a miracle!

Keep praying

  • Thank God that he is capturing the hearts of our guests
  • Thank God for the long term relationships we have with our guests to support their full recovery
  • Pray for our 2 guests to be blessed at their Christian rehabs and to thirst more for the love of Christ and that they can cope with their new structure, regime and withdrawals from their addictions
  • Pray for our guest on methodone that God ill deliver him fully from his addiction
  • Pray for our guest who is currently housed, that he can budget accordingly to reduce any debt arrears.


I think I have the most amazing job and feel so privileged to work at Derby City Mission to see these wonderful things happen in people's lives - praise God!