is a soup kitchen project that started over 12 years ago from St Augustine’s in Normanton as an initiative of Reach Derby, formally Community Church Derby. 

Now located at Ozzy Road Baptist Church, every Thursday from 6pm,  up to 100 guests are provided with a hot meal lovingly served with a big dose of support and friendship.

Simon Maddison (pictured here!) was once a guest, now he is a staunch supporter and loyal volunteer, reaching out to others in need.

Simon's Story

I was caught in a 20-year addiction, was penniless and used food places to save money for drugs. I was one of the first guests at Storehouse and when it moved to Ozzy Road, I was encouraged to be a volunteer.

I wanted to join the team to give something back because everyone had become my second family; not only did they help me out with my immediate needs but have helped me spiritually too.

A lot of guests know me, I used to do drugs with some of them! I just want to let people know that change is possible

I gave my life to Jesus nine years ago and I have been clean for four years on 15th May!

I am grateful to the Storehouse family as they have walked with me through the good times and the bad and have given me a reason to come out of my addiction. The team is always on hand to offer guidance, prayer and support; this is their unique offering, it's not just a food outlet.

I volunteer at Storehouse to prove that change is possible through Jesus

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