Andy's Story

Andy left Wales with no job and no prospects.

With no money, he drove until the petrol ran out, got as far as Birmingham and started walking.

He headed for Derby, where he had previously worked and had found people friendly.

I walked the streets at night to keep warm. I was tired and hungry

Found frozen and dehydrated, a Derby passer-by took him to hospital.

On release, A&E staff gave him details of the night shelter and he stayed with us for 4 weeks, where with good food he regained some of the 3 stones he had lost.

Guest Support helped him move into accommodation at the YMCA.

He is now working, has moved into a flat, was healed of a back injury and baptised at Ozzy Rd Baptist in June 2017.

I would probably be dead by now without the help I’ve got from Derby Churches Nightshelter.