Cat with her medal after running the Derby 10K

14 days left to go before my Big Run on Sunday and to be fair I don't really enjoy plugging what I'm doing as I'm really a private person. But unfortunately if i don't put it out there then you won't know to donate and give your support to Derby City Mission.

On Saturday I saw one of the previous Guest from the Derby Churches Nightshelter and even though she was still on the streets, she looked well and she appreciated me telling her how well she looked.

But what made my day was the thought that maybe as a result of the help and assistance and love that was shown towards her at the shelter, she had decided that she had wanted more out of life and was trying to turn her life around and when I saw her she was sober!! - a rarity in her case.

She said she'd be coming to support me and look out for me whilst I did my run.  Also whilst at church on Sunday I saw yet another previous guest who had decided to turn his life around and find out about Jesus. We were pleased to see each other and it made my day to see him there.

It's real stories like these, where I can see the "Transformation of People's Lives" through the work that DCM does, that makes me put my body through this gruelling effort.


Much love Cat xx

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