Malcolm has been a Derby City Mission volunteer since 2013 when the first Nightshelter opened its doors and is a regular volunteer at Storehouse - a local soup kitchen run from Ozzy Road Church.  There is always a reason why people want to give back to others in greater need...this is Malcolm's story.

I volunteer, not because I have been homeless myself but I was heading that way with a 4.5 year spell in prison and 2 years in rehab.  Unfortunately, my brother died on the streets and in a way, volunteering is like therapy, it helps me to help others, I have empathy with them.

I am so thankful to God that He has brought me out of a bad situation.  I now have a flat, a job and I'm reunited with my family -  that's God's miracle!

When I talk to guests using the Nightshelter, I am able to share the progress I have made and it encourages them to want it for themselves, to work towards what I've got now - stability.

I'm honest with the guests. I tell them straight, this is how it is now and this is what will happen if you don't sort it out.  Don't be like  I was - you need to fight it!.

And that is what I try and do.  I come alongside people, chat, listen, play games, serve them food and be a friend.  That way they open up and trust us, as a team, to support them with housing and addictions.