An Update From Our Safe Space Project

Safe Space is our facility in the city where we provide 24/7, all-around care and support to the rough sleepers in Derby, 365 days a year. Reflecting back over the past months, we have seen a lot of small steps forward with our guests. At the beginning of May, Roman, one of our support workers, sourced a beautiful wooden eight-seater table. Every Sunday staff and guests work together to set up a regular Sunday morning family breakfast. Our guests cook, and we sit together like a family and chat. We have had some truly amazing conversations at that table, where there has been a turning in lives, decisions made, and questions answered. The other day as we were eating bacon and egg cobs, three of our lovely guests just opened up. We talked for over an hour about their hopes and dreams. We talked about the choices they made in the past and how to correct past mistakes. We talked and laughed a lot. It was a magical, Godly moment where we felt the peace of the Lord on us. The ability to gather around at mealtime has brought so much joy into Safe Space.

Safe Sace Breakfast

Introducing Our New Students!

Tasos and Maria are joining us for the next 10 weeks from Derby University as part of their occupational therapy course. We are so excited as they are going to be actively getting involved with our guests, helping them get ready to move into their accommodation, pay bills and try to get more integrated into society. They will be doing all sorts of activities including cooking, social enterprise things and art. Please pray that they will be able to make breakthroughs with the guests who have troubled pasts and are trapped in homelessness.

Safe Space Students

Have You Ever Considered Volunteering?

We would love to see you in Safe Space. Many of our guests come from backgrounds where they have never experienced a meal loving cooked for them, or someone who is interested in them as a person or being taught how to do something useful. Do you have a skill you can teach? We are looking for people to run practical sessions or give a practical service for the health and welfare of our guests. If you are interested in volunteering, please come to our volunteer evening on July 6th.