The combined effects of Brexit, Covid and now the war in Ukraine, have worked together to have a detrimental impact on the vulnerable in our city.

During this coming year, we are expecting the greatest need we have known since our inception over 30 years ago in 1989. We ask for your support in standing with us to show God’s love and grace to those finding themselves in unthinkable situations today in our city. The rising cost of living and an inflation rate of 7% is forecast to place more people onto the breadline than ever before. There will be greater demand for our debt and benefit advice in our Jubilee clinics to liberate those burdened by the weight of unmanageable debt. There will be greater demand for our Food Bank and Community Shop, which provides those who cannot afford such simple essentials such as food and sanitary goods with the compassion and dignity to choose their own from our free shop.

We expect to see a greater number of people finding themselves unable to make ends meet and resorting to sleeping rough and sofa surfing. We expect to see an increase in the number of people succumbing to the temptation of drugs and alcohol to escape their new reality. There is no stereotype for the vulnerable. These are the people amongst us who are called by some as ’mother’, ‘father’, ‘nanny’, ‘grandad’, ‘son’, ‘daughter’. Poverty has no discretion. Of those who are recipients of our debt advice services, over 79% have children and 82% are single parents. Of those we have helped when facing eviction, over 68% are families with children. We are expecting these figures to rise over the coming year. We are great believers that in each of us there is a call to live out a life of purpose and meaning, for we are made in His image. We are commissioned by Him to care for the widows and the orphans and to serve the needs of the vulnerable.

Derby City Mission exists to inspire, orchestrate and deliver support to the vulnerable, so that they too may be recipients of the same grace that we ourselves have received. Put another way, we are nothing more than a vessel, or a channel. Without you we are nothing.

Today more than ever, the city needs your creativity, your passion, your love, your partnership in volunteering and of course, your
financial support. We need administrators, leaders, carers, cleaners, shelf stackers and financial givers!!

Come as you are!

We will find a way to support you in finding a way to live out your calling. Together we are the body of Christ, ready to put everything on the line to demonstrate the compassion and love of Christ to those in need, to those who do not yet know the same love and hope that we have been privileged to receive.

Join us!