In the heart of Derby, something genuinely remarkable occurs every Wednesday. It's not a grand event with fanfare and applause but rather a quiet and impactful gathering. The clients of ByMySide, many of whom have faced addiction and challenging life circumstances, come together for a creative and transformative journey. They enter a world of artistry, where wood takes shape, flowers arrange themselves, and inspiration flows.

These weekly workshops, hosted together with the team at Derby's ArtCore, serve as a haven of creativity and healing. They provide more than just a space for crafting; they offer hope, purpose, and a sense of belonging to those who may have felt lost or adrift.

One particular moment captured in a photograph speaks volumes about the power of these workshops. In the image, a model sailing boat stands as a testament to the skills and determination of its creator. But it's more than just a boat; it's a symbol of resilience, a tangible representation of the transformative journey these individuals are on.

Art as Therapy

For those grappling with addiction, art can be a form of therapy. It provides an outlet for emotions that might otherwise remain buried. Through the act of creation, individuals can express themselves, confront their struggles, and begin to heal. The workshops offer a safe space where clients can explore their creativity, nurture their talents, and find purpose.

Community and Connection

Beyond the art itself, these workshops foster a sense of community and connection that is often missing in the lives of those who have faced addiction and homelessness. ByMySide acts as a support system, a surrogate family for those who may have little or no family support. Trust is built, and bonds are formed among clients and the dedicated team working alongside them.

A Glimpse of Normality

For many clients, the chaos of addiction and life on the streets has left them yearning for a sense of normalcy. The workshops provide a glimpse of this normalcy, reminding participants of the things they used to do and the talents they possess. It's a crucial step on the path to recovery, demonstrating that change is not only possible but within reach.

God Is Moving Powerfully

Reflecting on this journey, we see the transformative power of art and community. We witness the resilience of the human spirit, the capacity to heal, and the importance of support systems like ByMySide. These workshops offer more than just creative expression; they offer hope and a chance for a brighter future.

We are grateful to see God moving powerfully in the lives of our clients. The journey is ongoing, and we are excited to witness the transformations yet to come. The model sailing boat serves as a symbol of the hope, healing, and inspiration that these workshops provide, not just to the clients but to all of us involved in this incredible journey.

Join us in celebrating the power of creativity, community, and transformation. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of those who need it most.