During Nightshelter on Christmas Day, I had the opportunity to speak to a quiet guest about her addiction. Sitting as friends, listening without judgement, she was able to share her harrowing story behind a 15 year heroin addiction.

Having built up a relationship of trust and through encouragement from wonderful staff and volunteers, three weeks later she attended Guest Support. Tucking into a hearty breakfast following a positive meeting about housing options, she shared that she was ready to stop taking drugs and was concerned about using the potent drug mamba because it was becoming addictive.

Praying for wisdom and direction, our conversation about getting help went well and, on the same day, we walked to St Andrew’s House, a Derby based drug and alcohol treatment centre.


The short journey was bumpy; would she back out? Would she commit to treatment? I repeatedly prayed and asked for God’s grace to pave the way.When we arrived, the key worker knew our guest, gave her a huge hug and congratulated her on walking through the doors again.

God’s grace didn’t stop there, she left 2 hours later with a prescription for methadone, a heroin substitute which will help aid her recovery.

Our guest, like many, was constantly lifted in prayer and not only is she making small steps to change her life, she is now off the streets and in supported accommodation.

This story is not a one off. At Derby City Mission, we are aware of the powerful hand of God working through our volunteers and churches.

I used the Nightshelter after coming out of prison and I want to let you know how grateful I am for the help and support everyone gave me - Previous guest who stayed for 40 nights at Derby Churches Nightshelter


We are so thankful for over 500 volunteers and 21 churches who help to run Nightshelters in Derby, Chesterfield and Mansfield and we praise God for the provision of 100 beds available to the homeless in our city, county and beyond.

Go team - you are all doing an excellent job! You go above and beyond; you are all amazing! Chloe Warren – Chesterfield Churches Nightshelter Manager


By mid-February, 301 guests have used Mansfield, Derby and Chesterfield Churches Nightshelters with many guests, who have stayed for a week or more, finding housing solutions already.

Successful solutions include tenancies, many with ongoing support; repatriation or returning to where the person has come from in the UK; unfortunately some guests end up in prison. Occasionally we have a guest who is working and can actually make their own arrangements with a private rental.

Whatever your involvement small or large, be blessed knowing that you have helped plant a seed of hope in the hearts and minds of the homeless.

Let the Holy Spirit guide our lives; help us to love on another and trust God more. May we continue to act in the way that is right and be eternally grateful and thankful to the Lord for His provision - Julio Abraham - CEO