Give thanks to God as ‘Walk Through the Bible’, of which Tim Pawson is a presenter, has taught more primary school children the Big Picture of the Bible during lockdowns via videos than any other year!

Pray that the Experience Christmas videos and assemblies would help children to think about the true meaning of Christmas and know that God is with them, Emmanuel.

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Food Bank

Please pray for the continued support of the Food Bank as we have given more food out this year and give thanks to our dedicated donors.

Please pray for the families and individuals that receive the parcels as they are a lifeline in many circumstances. Let’s pray that they know the love of Jesus through this service.

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Please pray for the new befriending scheme Elevate funded by MIND and that the telephone befrienders can reach out and offer support when we are unable to meet face to face.

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Jubilee Debt Clinic

Give thanks for our wonderful team of volunteers within Jubilee, the Food Bank and Job Club who have helped us to re-open our projects safely.

Please pray for the many individuals and families who are struggling with their mental health, with job loss or with debt, that they are able to receive the help they need.

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Safe Space

Please pray for our guests, with winter approaching, that we can accommodate as many as possible and help them to move on quickly, so we can accommodate more.

Please pray for ongoing strong relationships with other agencies which allow guests to move on easily and effectively.

Please pray for our new overnight provision at Safe Space and that we will be able to have the whole service back at 10 Normanton Road to enhance what we do.

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Street Pastors

Give thanks to God for all the team and the way they have adapted to new ways of Covid–safe operating, and that we will be ‘ready to go’ and adapt again quickly as the situation changes.

Pray for the Street Pastor team during this extended lockdown; though unable to patrol physically, we can continue to patrol - prayerfully from home, seeking God for the wellbeing of our city.

Please pray for good compliance to safety rules, and for the safety and protection of everyone in our city centre when venues reopen, particularly if this should happen pre- Christmas when many people will want to gather and celebrate.

Please pray for a good response from local Secondary schools about the work of School Pastors and for opportunities to explore further during this time of social distancing.

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