Claire Oakley is in her 4th year of volunteering for Derby City Mission and was happy to share her story...

Many years ago I worked with street homeless so when Derby Churches Nightshelter started in 2013, I was desperate to volunteer. Unfortunately I got seriously ill and at the same time I lost all confidence in being able to work, even my paid job as a social worker.

During the first 2 years of Nightshelter, I looked on and prayed a lot! Three years ago, after a better health diagnosis, a lot of encouragement and bundles of prayer from my home group (church support has been so important!) I took the plunge knowing that I could back out if it became too much.

People often say to me 'aren’t you good!' but volunteering has healed me in ways I didn’t think possible. God has used me for a purpose and the love and support I’ve received from the volunteering team has been such a blessing

We all know how challenging it is for the homeless living chaotic lifestyles. That’s why I am so encouraged walking through Derby and bumping into old guests. Seeing what God has done in their lives is such a fab feeling!

God definitely gave me confidence to volunteer and last year I was a member of the night staff team too! It’s awesome, everyone works so well together and we become family to each other.  I can’t believe how God has transformed me through volunteering, what a privilege!

People often say it’s not something that they could do, but the real truth is, volunteering has been nothing short of miraculous for me

Can I volunteer?

If you have time and love for people less fortunate than you then yes, volunteering could be right for you and you can read more below.

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