Transforming Lives Together

Our values are reflected in the acronym L.I.F.E. 
These core values shape how we work and relate to our stakeholders


Showing compassion to the needy, generosity to others, humility in service, respect for individuals and customer-focussed openness and honesty. Loving to the end!


Bringing together our unique persistence in investing time, as well as practical, emotional and spiritual effort into the impoverished (whether “needy” in material or spiritual terms).


Linking to the centre to Jesus's mission “release for the captives”, we not only free individuals from harmful life choices, but also free volunteers to release their gifts in the areas they are passionate about; free churches and organisations to be their best in partnership with us, each bringing what we are good at and free up possibilities for local authorities and agencies to access 'hard to reach' groups for the benefit of the community.


Enabling people to take hold of the life Jesus has promised them “in all its abundance”; instead of creating dependencies, we enable progression in life, to independence of addiction or other harms through healthy choices (one of which of course is to choose to follow the Saviour).