January 2021 Prayershield Bulletin

In addition the Prayershield Team have highlighted the following items for prayer this month

Local Council 

Please pray for the Council administration as they serve the city of Derby particularly through this difficult time of Covid 19 as they deal with reduced finances and food distribution and face the issues of Rolls Royce redundancies and the difficulties that the retail situation presents plus other issues that you may know about. Please pray for God’s kingdom to come and His will to be done in our city.

Work in Local Schools

Please continue to pray for children and staff in school, that they will be fit and healthy and protected from Covid-19. Pray for school management teams as they deal with suspected cases. Pray that the children will make good progress in their work. Pray for the Christian teams who are preparing videos etc. for assemblies and groups. Ask that their work will be effective and well received.

#50families Initiative

The #50 families Sunday which was due to be held in May 2020, but cancelled due to Covid-19, and was rescheduled for October 2020. An information evening was held which resulted in churches of Derby sharing with their congregations about the work of #50families. Please pray for this project to be well supported and for more foster carers to come forward at a time when the number of children in care is rising. For more information, please contact Graham Pyman on 01332 322655.

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What is Derby Prayershield?

Derby Prayershield exists to bring people together to pray for local issues each month through regular bulletins. You can register with us to receive these bulletins.

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What happens when I register?

  • You will receive monthly prayer bulletins by email or post (depending on your preferred method)
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What is the Prayershield Vision?

Our vision is that the prayers of God’s people locally will serve to protect all aspects of life in our community. As people pray, we believe that God will not only protect us from harm, but will also pour out His blessing.

I have posted watchmen on your walls (Isaiah 62:6)

As we pray, we see through God’s eyes into the distance, and, like the watchmen of old when they stood on the watchtower of the city, we can see threat of trouble approaching and pray for God to change the situation.

Within your area, we are praying for good things to happen under the blessing of God. We desire that the younger generation will inherit a place that is good to live in and that they will be blessed through the life of the community, and, in the future, will inherit all that God has established among us. When considering the next generation, the Psalmist says that we should:

Walk about Zion [the kingdom of God in your area], go round her, count her towers, consider well her ramparts, view her citadels, that you may tell of them to the next generation.(Psalm 48: 12, 13).