Picture the magic of twinkling lights, the laughter of loved ones, and the cosiness of home during this special time of year. Now, imagine being without those comforts—the biting cold, the lonely nights. For many, the holidays aren't about presents; they're about seeking warmth and shelter.

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This winter, countless individuals in our community face the harsh reality of homelessness. As the temperature drops, so does the hope for many. At Derby City Mission, we believe in greater hope, and this holiday season is a key reminder of the light in this world that needs to be shared. Join us in our mission to illuminate lives and bring warmth to those experiencing the bitter chill of homelessness.

The Challenge:

Imagine enduring the biting cold, alone and without shelter. For the homeless, every night is a struggle against the elements. The plummeting temperatures and unforgiving weather conditions pose an existential threat. This winter, many face the grim prospect of sleeping rough, battling the cold, hunger, and isolation.

At Derby City Mission, we transform despair into hope and darkness into light. We envision a winter where no one sleeps on the streets, where warmth and comfort are not luxuries but necessities. We have 2 hubs that support people with emergency accommodation at varying points of their journey to independence. Find out more about our Safe Space and The Ark facilities by clicking the links here. We also help  to ensure those leaving the prison system are resettled in a way that benefits them and enables to find their footing without becoming homeless and sleeping on the streets. Take a look at our MyPlace project here

We also support people who are facing financial challenges through our Jubilee Debt and Benefits Advice Clinics and our Community Shop and Cafe

Our #LightUpLives appeal aims to provide shelter, nourishment, and care to those in need, ensuring a safe haven during the harshest of seasons.

How You Can Help?

Your support can make a tangible difference. Your generous donation to our #LightUpLives appeal will provide vital resources and assistance to the homeless. With your contribution, we can offer warm shelter, nourishing meals, essential care, and hope to those in need.

Illuminate Hope

Together, let’s illuminate hope and bring light to the darkest nights. Your donation enables us to brighten the lives of the homeless, providing them with the warmth and support they need to weather the winter storms.

Join us in lighting up lives this Christmas. Donate today and be a beacon of hope for those facing the bitter cold of homelessness. Your contribution matters.

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Let’s make this festive season brighter for everyone in our community. With your support, we can Light Up Lives and make a lasting impact on those who need it the most. Thank you for being a part of this journey.