Prayer doesn’t come naturally but I have gradually learnt that it is the best thing to do in all situations.

Prayer plays a major part in the running of Derby City Mission projects.

As Prayer Co-ordinator for Derby Churches Nightshelter, we pray through all eventualities, give thanks and make our requests to the Lord.

Last winter there were guests with deep problems who would probably be back on the streets if it wasn’t for the power of prayer.

We met to pray and God provided solutions for most of them. There are lots of ways to pray together including meeting together for Citywide Prayer  and connecting in prayer via online prayer bulletins.


We have 4 monthly email prayer bulletins:

1. NIGHTSHELTER PRAYERS: For current Nightshelter guests

2. PRAYERSHIELD BULLETIN:* For our community and for local issues affecting our city

3. STREET PASTOR PRAYERS: For our Street Pastor team and members of the public

4. PARTNERSHIP HOUSE PRAYERS: For our housing project accommodating and mentoring up to three adults who would be homeless without intervention and support


God is so great – why would I not pray?

Please contact me to be added to any of the above bulletins on [email protected]

*Prayershield can be posted

By Ruth McArthur