Anyone can be a volunteer… You could be a friend or family member of someone who already volunteers, and want to get involved too.  You could be a group from a local church or a group of work colleagues who want to do something charitable for the local community. Or, like some of our guests, you may have been helped and cared for by volunteers and staff in the past and want to return the favour. 

Read about the experience of two of our volunteers here.

Malcolm volunteered for over five years, working in the Nightshelter, serving the guests their food, offering companionship by playing board games and providing a listening ear when they want to chat.

I volunteer, not because I have been homeless myself but I was heading that way with a 4 1/2 year spell in prison and 2 years in rehab.  Unfortunately, my brother died on the streets and in a way, volunteering is like therapy, it helps me to help others, I have empathy with them.

Read Malcolm's story here

Ian is new to volunteering at the Jubilee Debt & Advice Clinics and welcomes clients who come to the clinic by offering them tea, coffee and refreshments.

Coming to Jubilee has increased my motivation and with additional mentoring with my Derby City Mission mentor, it has enabled me to thinking about helping others by volunteering.

Read Roger's story here after his 4 months of volunteering

If you'd like to register your interest in volunteering with us, complete our,

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