- A ByMySide Case Study

At Derby City Mission, we are passionate about changing lives for the better! Our ByMySide Project has had an incredible impact on individuals in our community who are in dire need of help. Through the ByMySide Project, we provide one-to-one support to vulnerable individuals with chaotic lifestyles, including those struggling with destructive habits and addictions. Take Millie* (*Name changed to protect identity), for example, who was struggling with substance addiction and had been evicted from her temporary accommodations, twice. With a chaotic lifestyle and a history of trauma, she was in a very vulnerable state when she was first introduced to the ByMySide project.

A Relational First Approach

But with the help of our ByMySide advocates, Millie* has begun to turn her life around! We worked closely with her to identify key issues and provide the support and resources she needed to make a positive change. While supporting her on a one-to-one basis, we discovered her talent for flower arrangement and helped her pursue this passion. We organised for her to have weekly access to a local church where she used donated flowers to create designs for the church altar. We also helped her collect photographs to create a portfolio that she could use to secure voluntary work in a florist in the future.

Flower Arranging - ByMySide Case Study - Derby City Mission

Steps in the Right Direction

The results of our ByMySide Advocate’s work with Millie* have been nothing short of amazing! She has gained trust in our team and now knows that recovery is possible and there is hope for a new future without addiction. She even intends to start rehab soon and has a newfound desire to change her lifestyle for the better.

Helping Millie* to Move Forward

Without the help of Derby City Mission, Millie's* future could have been bleak. She may have continued to spiral into drug and alcohol use, leading to poor health and emotional well-being. But we are pleased to have made a difference in her life and know that many others like her need our help. That's why we urge you to join with us in helping to transform lives! 

Flowers - ByMySide - Derby City Mission

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So, How Can You Help?

One of the best ways to support this vital work that the ByMySide project team are doing is to donate to Derby City Mission. By helping to fund these supportive activities, you are enabling our experienced team of advocates to spend more time with vulnerable people on a one-to-one basis. Your donation can make a significant impact on the lives of those who need it most.

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