Create your own fundraising page

Inspiration for your charity event

Here are some activities/events our supporters have done to raise money for Derby City Mission.  Be inspired, choose something you like doing and go for it!

  • Be part of a sporting event like a run or bike ride:  Cat and Tony ran for us.  Cat's story


  • Sleep out for homeless:  Every year in October we have a sponsored sleep out.  Why not join in? Details of events like this are here


  • Cake sale: Do you enjoy baking and eating cake? Why not hold a coffee morning or cake sale at home/church or the office


  • Hold a stall at a Christmas/Spring/Summer fayre: Why not sell your own products at a stall with a percentage of your earnings gifted to us?

  • Organise an event for others to join in:  Can you sing or dance?  What about sponsored carol ort sponsored dance within the local community? (at church , work or a place of your choosing) In winter a group of bands got together and put on a music gig in a local pub called “Pub rock against homelessness”


  • Raise general awareness of the Mission: this can help to inspire people to donate and get involved.  That’s what 7 year old George did.  He gathers money, food and clothing donations by championing our cause, donating his own money earned from doing chores for his mum too.  Check out his Facebook page #inspiredbygeorge


Handy tips for your fundraising page

  1. Upload a picture of yourself: If you haven't finessed the perfect selfie then now is the chance to do it! People want to see who they are sponsoring to do a sleep out or bike ride. Don't be shy; upload a selfie to your page!
  2. Tell your personal story: Everyone has a story to tell about why they are fundraising. Have we helped someone you know? Are you saddened by the amount of homeless people on cold streets in winter?  Tell your story and why you care, people will care too by sponsoring you.
  3. Aim high with a fundraising target: £100 or £250 might sound a lot to you to raise but think bigger, people will support you. Be brave, aim higher, statistics prove that people smash their targets by nearly 50%. Why not set a challenge for yourself for supporters to get behind? "If I reach £1,000, I'll dress up as a unicorn!" The crazier the better!

  1. Be brave, share your story: Use social media to tell people what you are doing and why. Don’t forget to email too! Not a techno whizz?  Do it the old fashioned, you have something exciting to share
  2. Get others involved: Doing a sponsored walk/run? Wouldn't it be fun if you had a training partner? Share what you are doing with others to see if they want to join in too? How exciting to raise money as a group of friends, as a church, as a scout group or department!
  3. Update your fundraising page: Why not update pictures of your cake baking prep or your training run? Let people know how you are preparing for your fundraiser, I'm sure your supporters will be encouraged by all your hard work and effort for charity. Remember to share on social media, email and in general conversation too!


  1. Let Derby City Mission help: We can help you share your fundraising efforts. We have lots of people who daily visit our social media sites - send us an update and we can share it for you.
  2. Follow up people who have pledged money to your cause: Your event may have been and gone but donations haven't all been collected yet. Statistics show that 20% of all donations come after your event has ended



Good luck and have fun!

 Tips adapted from Just Giving website. Visit their website for more tips