Every Wednesday Ozzy Road Baptist Church opens their door to host the Recovery Lunch. Run by a team of dedicated Derby City Mission volunteers, over 50 people meet in an atmosphere that places a strong emphasis on care and social inclusion.

This year the ‘God Slot’ has been introduced, where people share their, often bumpy, journey to faith.

Mick shared his story: Having joined the Army at 15, he enjoyed a career surrounded by great support and camaraderie from his ‘band of brothers’. But things turned sour when he left. Mick struggled to come to terms with his life outside and often felt very angry which led to a stint in prison.

“It robbed me of my identity. I lost my family, I got into the wrong crowd and I was leading a criminal lifestyle trying to feed my habit. I spent 10 years in prison in total”.

Unfortunately his cell mate had a constant supply of heroin and Mick’s 25 year addiction began in his first year in prison. Eventually Mick hit rock bottom. He developed deep vein thrombosis in both legs and a clot on his lung from injecting and his doctor gave him 6 weeks to live. It was then when he cried out for help;

“If there is a God, come and help me!”

The next day he met an outreach team on the streets and a week later he was on a Christian rehabilitation programme and hasn’t looked back.

“I had a massive spiritual awakening. God revealed himself to me and I was no longer alone. I had to be broken to be mended. I’m now clean from the inside out”

At the end of his God Slot Mick asked the Recovery lunch guests “What is stopping you from moving forward in your life?’

“When I see Mick do it, I can do it too”

Marie is recovering from a 22 year addiction to heroin, has been clean for the past 3 years and off methadone since the end of summer. After listening to Mick’s story, she got goosebumps and puts that feeling down to Jesus. She appreciates that her journey is full of ups and downs.

“I feel raw inside: I feel the cold because my body is no longer numb from drugs. But I feel like I have just woken up and I am ready to start my life again”.

Mick and Marie chatted at length after the God slot. Marie was given a Bible and Mick pointed out some helpful verses.

“When I feel alone, I’ll read my Bible because then I’ll know that God is advising me”.

Mick encouraged Marie to attend city-centre church St. Peters on Fridays at 12.30pm for their service run in partnership with Derby City Mission. She responded positively saying she needs church because she needs God in her life. Please pray for Mick and Marie on their journeys with God and for the God slot to continue to move people to be open to the love of Jesus.