The Jubilee project has helped me so much and has sorted out my debts. I couldn’t have done it on my own. All the support I’ve had has kick-started my life and put it back on the right path

Ian (previous Jubilee client and now volunteer at St Peter’s clinic)

Having recently read the story of Abraham and Sarah (Genesis 18), I was re-assured that God’s plans are eternal and timeless.  Sarah laughed when she heard that she was to have a child at the ripe old age of 100!  This story made me think about our vision ‘Transforming Lives Together’ especially the word transformation.

Sometimes, situations seem so desperate and never ending, you can be left wondering what impact we might be having…. I was encouraged by some recent feedback. Since the arrival of Sarah Fowler in June, there has been an increase of 20% in the demand for debt and benefits advice through the Jubilee clinics.  The demand is set to increase further with the roll out of Universal Credit. 

However, Sarah and Ruth Clark (a very dedicated volunteer) make steady progress week by week through God’s grace and the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  Earlier this year, one of the clinics was unusually quiet which allowed Helen, a Jubilee client, the time to work things through at her own pace. 

Whereas appointments aren’t time bound, Helen never wanted to take up too much time.  A quieter clinic allowed Sarah to draw out information which resulted in unlocking an annual benefit of £6,000, what a blessing!

The Jubilee project is excellent! Sarah has been great helping me get in control of my finances. She has helped me apply for benefits that I didn’t even know I was entitled to. I’m not all sorted yet, but I know I will be with the Jubilee Project

Helen, Jubilee client

 Be encouraged that every relationship we establish with someone in greater need than us helps their transformation journey. Sarah concludes,

Helen is still on her journey to becoming debt free and it is such a privilege to be part of it.  We may not see the whole blessing, but the blessing will come

By Felicity Beal