At DCM, we are all about making people feel they are valued and part of a community. At the beginning of October, Safe Space started an Evening Supper Club for our guests to enjoy a hot, nutritious meal together, and it has been great to welcome back volunteers to cook, chat to guests and play games or do craft activities.

With an upbeat feel and good-humoured banter between staff, volunteers and guests, we hope to be able to run the Supper Club on other nights of the week.

Derby City Misson Supper Club

Many people find Christmas a difficult time of the year with the long, dark nights and the expectations of fun and family gatherings which they are not a part of. For Alexi*, who spent last Christmas in Safe Space, the message of the baby Jesus born to save the world only heightened her sense of grief at the death of her own baby and the loss of two other children taken into care. Distressed and tearful, Ruth Golton (Safe Space Manager) asked Alexi and another guest, Stan*, who had also lost his kids to adoption, if they would like to make a point of saying goodbye to their children. They decorated some tags and wrote prayers on them for each of their children. They tied the tags to balloons.

Standing arm in arm and saying the Lord’s Prayer together, they released the balloons to say goodbye. As they watched them drift away, Alexi said she felt that God had heard her prayers and she felt at peace.

Almost one year on and after a spell in prison, Alexi is back and now being supported by our ByMySide team. She has cut down significantly on her drinking and has just moved into her own accommodation. She popped into Safe Space to thank the staff for supporting her by writing letters and sending Bible verses while she was in prison, which she said brought her such comfort. Pray for Alexi that the Word of God will continue to speak truth and hope into her life. *not their real names

Derby City Misson Supper Club

If you are interested in volunteering regularly or just over the Christmas period, don't hesitate to get in touch with Ruth Golton at [email protected], or complete a volunteer expression of interest form on our website and select 'Safe Space' within the project option. 

Volunteer Expression Of Interest