Safe Space Manager

Ruth Golton - Safe Space Manager

Ruth Golton has been a Christian since a young age and is currently worshipping at New Life Church on Normanton Road in Derby.

Having started working at Derby City Mission as part of the Derby Churches Night Shelter project, Ruth then moved over to our Safe Space project as an assistant manager. Now, Ruth heads up our Safe Space, helping to care for those most entrenched in homelessness in the city of Derby.

Prior to joining us at Derby City Mission she was a Secondary School Teacher and was hugely involved in supporting children with ADHD and Autism through the education system.

In her spare time beyond looking raising her Ruth has three daughters, Ruth can often be found enjoying outdoor activities, most notably, open water swimming.

Outside of Derby City Mission, Ruth has been volunteering for Chennai University in India, teaching teachers about ADHD and Autism. Through her Church, she also runs mission trips to share the love of Jesus with people in Kosova with Church.

If you want to find out more about the Safe Space project or contact Ruth directly, her email is, [email protected]