Since we took possession of 10 Normanton Road in October 2019, there has been a lot going on behind the scenes in preparation for the staff team and services moving in. This has included recovering of the flat roof areas; repairs and cleaning of guttering; repointing of brick work; additional electrical sockets; inspection and repairs to drains; additional electrical cabling and provision of a new internet cabling network.

Many of these things are not readily noticeable but were necessary in advance of more visible changes that are now starting to support the delivery of services.

On the 19th February work was started on the conversion of one half of the downstairs area into a new self-contained facility to deliver the Safe Space, project that Derby City Mission is currently running in cramped conditions from 25 Charnwood Street.

In order to support the establishment of our wellbeing café, we have secured a grant from the Laing Trust to establish a commercial-grade kitchen and we have applied for another batch of capital grants to refurbish other areas of the building that will facilitate the delivery of new or enhanced services.

We have already enjoyed using it to host some meetings, our DCM prayer week in January and as an overflow for the warehouse.

We thank God for the provision of 10 Normanton Road and look forward to new life being breathed into the building during this next quarter.

Richard Wormsley

For more photos of what's been going on take a look at our Community Hub page