It is hard to believe that Safe Space is almost a year old already!

We started off not really knowing what to expect and almost a year later we have all learned so much and have introduced new strategies and procedures to help Safe Space run successfully. Safe Space has developed into a warm and friendly environment for our guests to come just as they are, a place where they can receive support to make the first steps of changing their lives from chaos to contributing.

We give thanks that some of the most entrenched people in Derby have come to Safe Space. They have been cared for and supported and some have moved into permanent housing, rehab and Christian community living. It is a privilege to be a part of the process that helps guests move on to a better way of life.

Many of our guests present with challenging behaviour, as they struggle to cope with their mental health as well as their addictions. It has been amazing to see how well they engage with our activity programmes, expressing their thoughts, feelings and skills through poetry and writing, wood work, art and craft, and musical expression therapy. They also now have the opportunity to receive weekly counselling sessions.

We have witnessed some great outcomes and celebrated as our guests have taken steps such as haircuts, taking showers and washing their clothes. To the outside world these are everyday normal activities, but to an entrenched homeless person, these are giant steps forward.


Safe Space has secured a contract to run for another year and we shall soon be moving into our new premises at 10 Normanton Road. It is an exciting time of change and we look forward to what God will do in the coming year.

On behalf of Safe Space, we would like to thank everyone who has supported us, whether financially, through prayer or in-kind donations - whatever part you played, you have helped to change the life of a homeless person.

Sandra Dawkins