** The Street Pastor team are currently preparing to resume patrols on Friday 16th April as we move into the government's Step 2 regulations.  Due to the limited number of venues with outside space that can open, we will be limiting our operating time to finish at 1am.   This will be reviewed when we move into Step 3 with indoor service permitted, hopefully on May 17th**

Talking to you lot has been the best 15 minutes of our night out!

Street Pastors have been operating in Derby since February 2009, and nationally since 2003. We are trained volunteers from many local churches who provide a visible, peaceful and reassuring presence for everyone in the city centre. Street Pastors, usually in a team of four, are out and about between 10pm and 4am on Friday and Saturday nights.

People enjoying a night out in the city centre may at some point find themselves in a place of vulnerability or difficulty, and we are there - listening, caring and helping. Our hope is that everyone has a safe and enjoyable night out.

It is our aim to leave someone in a better situation than when we first met them. A shift may involve helping someone sober up and ensuring that they have safe transport home, reuniting people with friends, administering first aid for those who are injured, or simply chatting with people about their lives, hopes and fears. 

Over the years great relationships have been built as we have met and spent time with thousands of people - we love every minute of it.

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I was ready to go home at about 12am and three of your street pastors were so kind and helpful and gave me a pair of flip flops to help my feet. I don't think they know how much their work is appreciated. You really all are angels and I hope you realise how much you help people.


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  • The welfare of Derby
  • Our partners in the Night Time Economy
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