Managing Director

Elle Warrener-Davis - Derby City Mission Managing Director 2022

"You have things in your hand – gifts - that are not for you. You are just a vessel that God will use for others."

"You are going to be a light in the workplace and to the people, you meet"

"You will minister to those who are hurting, and minister to the needy"

These words were prophesied over me by different Christians as I began my journey of faith in God. As an eager new follower, I was immediately expectant for the evidence of how these words would be demonstrated. That was in 2013. God’s timing is perfect. I have come to see that God has been preparing me since then with even more experience, knowledge and skills in order to be ready for my new role here at Derby City Mission. And most importantly in living out His love for those who are broken, hurting and in need. My passion is to see lives touched by the power of God in a unique way which is personal to each individual. So that each person knows fully, without a doubt, that God has His hand on them, truly loves them, and sees them like no one else could ever do. As He did and continues to do with me. We serve a relational God who knows us fully and longs for us to fully know Him. I am humbled and privileged to be appointed into this new role as Managing Director of Derby City Mission. I am looking forward to serving with our wonderful staff team, and partnering with local churches and supporters. Together we can reach out to show the love of God in Derby; meeting individual needs in a practical way while proclaiming the gospel of Jesus for eternal hope.

You never ‘switch off' from being a Christian believer. But God does tell us to nourish our bodies and minds. So, I do enjoy trying out new hobbies and interests when I can. But mainly, I like getting out in the fresh air, walking in the Peak district or even just locally with Kai my Rottie (who is 9 years old now). I love to read, and also write poetry.

I have been married to Trevor Davis for 7 years. Come to New Life Church in Normanton and you will know him. He has been welcoming people into those doors for over 20 years! When we got married I gained 3 stepchildren and 2 grandchildren too. So, I was a new wife, and a new mum and granny all at the same time! ‘God will give you back the years that the locust has eaten’ was also spoken over me and I can testify that God is true to His word! - Elle