As well as the main building the Normanton Road site has a series of outbuildings that are in need of extensive refurbishment.  The aim will be to relocate the Food Bank from the current industrial unit to this site.  By doing this we will be able to modify and improve how the Food Bank is managed and provide an opportunity to more positively interact with its recipients.

Progress Updates

Each week a pictorial update on the progress of the refurbishment and food bank relocation will be provided to illustrate how the money donated is being used to enhance our service.

31 July 2020 - Fully Operational

This week the Food Bank became fully operational at our hub building as we completed the stock move and a team of volunteers painted the old warehouse prior to handing back the keys.  All the stock is sorted and we are open to receive new donations on site.  A huge thank you to the Garfield Weston Foundation for their £20k grant that has enabled this project to be completed.

24 July 2020 - Taking Stock

All the food and equipment has now been moved into our new onsite Food Bank and is in the process of being arranged on the shelving and stowed appropriately.  This week will be focussed on volunteers painting the previous offsite unit prior to exiting the lease.


17 July 2020 - Things Are Racking Up

An army of volunteers have started relocating the Food Bank contents from the current warehouse to the new facility.

10 July 2020 - Moving In

With the majority of the building work complete it is time to start relocating the equipment from the warehouse.  First in are the washers, driers, fridges and freezers.  In addition some catering size food items have been brought over in order to start moving the shelving.

26 June 2020 - Almost there

All major work is now complete - the new lights and sockets have been fully installed and the window grills are being spray painted.  Some minor bits to finish next week and it will be ready to move the food bank into.

19 June 2020 - Fit out and Painting of Toilet

The work is coming to an end as the toilet and laundry area second fix has been installed, pipes lagged and the walls painted.

12 June 2020 - Start of 2nd Fix Plumbing

The sink and hot water is now installed.  The walls of the toilet area have been sand blasted and the brick work repaired ready for painting. A new door has been installed for the toilet.

05 June 2020 - More Painting and Electrics

All the walls are now painted in the main rooms.  The new electrical circuits, sockets and lights have been installed in one half of the building and partially completed in the other part.

29th May 2020 - Painting and Sand blasting

The second half of the building has been painted and the walls and floor of the toilet area have been sand blasted to clean up the brickwork.

22nd May 2020 - Hot water, more painting and start of building

The cold water feed has been connected to the main building and a small hot water heater has been installed.  The outside wall has been repaired where buddleia had grown through and a new suspended ceiling has been installed in the toilet area.

15th May 2020 - Start of plumbing & painting

The new cold water pipe runs have been installed through all the buildings ready to connect to the supply from the main building.  The ceilings have been had an initial primer applied and materials have arrived to fit out the toilet and washer area.

8th May 2020 - Rip out and prepare

With the release of funding work started immediately to rip out the old heating and lighting, removing an internal wall to open up more spece and take out the old toilets and basins.  When plaster was removed we found roots growing behind it!


We are delighted that on the 6th May 2020 we were notified that the Garfield Weston Foundation have awarded us a grant to allow us to start work on the refurbishment of the outbuildings to relocate the food bank.



The outbuildings have not been occupied for a number of years and consequently need extensive refurbishment.  We currently have a grant application in process to undertake this work.  We have already done some preparatory work by re-covering the roof and repairing the damaged drains that connect to the main sewer system.  The work required inside includes:

  • Refurbishing the toilet area
  • Inclusion of a new sink unit
  • Provide facilities for washing machines and driers to support the Nightshelter
  • Relocating freezer units
  • Renewal and movement of lighting
  • Removal of derelict heating system
  • Relocation of racking system

The photographs illustrate the initial condition of the outbuildings.