Since purchasing 10 Normanton Road in October 2019 a number of structural, infrastructure and certification works have, and are continuing to be, going on behind the scenes.  These are mainly unseen to the passer-by but are vital if we are to operate in a safe and secure building.

The following is a list of some of the works that we have undertaken along with a few items of work that we need to complete.

Flat Roof Replacement & General Building Work

All but one of our flat roofs have been replaced on both the main building and the outbuildings.  Some of these are unseen as they lie across the top of the pitched roofs.  In addition the box gutters have been cleaned out and repaired and the brickwork under the windows re-pointed.

IT Infrastructure

The previous owners had severed all the IT infrastructure cabling.  This necessitated taking out the majority of the existing cabling and installing a new IT network to provide ethernet links to all offices and extensive Wi-Fi coverage. We are now connected with our internet provider and the system will initially be taken live when the staff relocate from our office in St Mary's Gate.  Our intranet server will be relocated when the remaining staff and Safe Space move in from Charnwood St.

Health & Safety Certification

In order to ensure that we meet the various workplace Health & Safety requirements a number of items of work have had to be, or are in progress to ensure we comply with the various regulations.  These include:

  • Electrical installation certification
  • Gas boiler servicing and certification
  • Water system flushing and chlorination against legionella
  • Upgrade to fire detection and alarm system
  • Fire safety risk assessment 
  • Emergency lighting testing