Future Vision

To address the need for well-being in its client base, DCM plans to use the new premises to facilitate a mental health service.

One aspect of this service will take the shape of a social enterprising wellbeing café which will:

  • assist client relationship building
  • encourage clients to make better life choices
  • help lonely people experience friendship and community

The café will be supported by volunteers and staff trained in mental health and will focus on inclusion, dialogue and care. Profits from the café, which will be open to everyone in the local community, will go directly back into the Charity, helping to fund the services needed to support people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.


The wellbeing cafe is still in its concept planning stage and as a consequence we are actively fundraising for this facility to help become a reality. Once our concept designs have been created we will start a funding raising campaign.

Wellbeing Café Development

The cafe will be accessed by its own entrance on the right hand side of the building and occupy the wooden floored area shown in the photographs.

Toilet Facilities 

Before the café and other facilities can be opened up to the public it is necessary to refurbish the ground floor toilet facilities as they are presently in a poor condition and with no disabled access.  A disabled toilet, accessible from the public spaces, is being created in conjunction with the Safe Space development.  We are currently obtaining quotes to undertake this work as a matter of urgency.

We are delighted that to support this vital infrastructure on the 6th May 2020 we were awarded a grant of £25,000 from the Garfield Weston Foundation to refurbish the toilets.

7 August 2020 - Building Work Complete

All building work is now complete with just a mirrors and toilet roll holders to be added.  This completes a great project that will enable us to run more services from our hub building.

31 July 2020 - Second Fix & Painting

The end is almost in sight. All the toilets and hand wash basins were installed and the walls painted.  This included the corridor leading from the main hall to the toilet block.  The entrance doors have been adjusted to open outwards to prevent a potential clash when people go in.

24 July 2020 - Cubicle Furniture Fit Out

This week saw Total Laminate Systems on site to fit out the cubicles and vanity units prior to 2nd fix plumbing and painting.

17th July 2020 - Plastering, Flooring and Doorway

The toilet areas have been plastered ready for painting and new flooring put down.  In addition the new doorway has been installed in the ground floor corridor with new motion sensitive lights installed.

10th July 2020 - First Fix and Plastering

Plastering of the walls has started along first fix for the electrics, water and toilet cisterns.  In addition a new doorway has been started in the ground floor corridor to separate the public areas from the office area.

3rd July 2020 - More Stripping Out

The sluice room and men's toilet have been stripped out, the laminates for the cubicles and vanity units have been ordered, and the toilets and cisterns have been delivered.

26th June 2020 - Stripping Out

Work started this week to strip out the existing equipment in the ladies toilets ready for refurbishment.

Starting Condition